Toronto, Canada – September 19, 2012 – Today, Psynex Pharmaceuticals shipped a complimentary box of its focus-enhancing, Mental Fitness supplement, Focusyl, to Lindsay Lohan, famous actress and singer.

“In lieu of last night’s alleged hit and run incident,” said Mike Buckley, CEO of Psynex Pharmaceuticals, “we strongly believe that Focusyl will enable Miss Lohan to focus on reestablishing her career as the talented Hollywood star we know her to be, rather than on her recent public difficulties.”

Lindsay Lohan’s package of Focusyl can be tracked here:

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About Focusyl

Focusyl is an all-natural supplement that provides an immediate increase in focus and mental performance by rebalancing neurotransmitter levels and increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery in the brain. Focusyl helps to control symptoms including, but not limited to: boredom, attention deficiency, fatigue, stress, headaches, mood swings and aggression.

About Psynex Pharmaceuticals

Psynex Pharmaceuticals is a Toronto, Canada based healthcare company focused on developing mental fitness supplements that improve brain function, and medications that inhibit the spread of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

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