The Brain:

The human brain is, in our opinion, just marvelous! This massive collection of neurons uses around 25% of our body’s energy to control many things we take for granted, and of course, some we don’t. Simple things like keeping our balance while we stand up, to allowing us to complete complex mathematical tasks. It allows us to truly appreciate the beauty of a sunset, and best of all, to remember just how beautiful that sunset was at some point in the future. We love the brain, which is why we develop products to make it even better.


Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. These infections often have a double inpact on society: the financial and psychological costs associated with treating the infection; and the economic cost due to lost productivity from the individual infected. While the cost of treating infections can be enormous, in some cases, the loss in economic productivity can be even greater. In this area, we research and develop products to help reduce the spread of these infections.