About Focusyl®:

Life is difficult with demands and commitments distracting you daily. You feel as though you could be accomplishing so much more if only you could be more productive, more focused on the things you need to get done. Technology is supposed to help, but you are constantly interrupted and lose your train of thought. You feel as though you are spending time reading the same documents over again trying to remember what you just read.
The average individual, whether in the office or at school, loses about 30% of their productive day to distractions. It is estimated that these distractions are costing North American businesses upwards of $600 Billion in lost productivity, resulting in longer working hours and deteriorating peoples work-life balance.

Focusyl® is a patented product that rebalances neurotransmitter levels while increasing nutrient delivery and utilization in the brain.

Consequently, after taking Focusyl® individuals feel more focused, can ignore distractions, have reduced stress, and experience an overall increase in mental performance. The result: You can get more of what you need to get done, well, done. Whether at work, school, or somewhere else, when you are more focused and productive, you free up time so you can get around to doing all those things you’ve always wanted to do.

About Psynex Pharmaceuticals:

Psynex Pharmaceuticals is a Toronto, Canada based healthcare company focused on improving the quality of life for people around the world. We believe in Inspiring Achievement in others. To us, it’s not about simply extending the duration of life, but more importantly, about improving the quality of life.